Womens Personal Trainer on the Gold Coast

A person after working with our womens personal trainer on the Gold Coast

No matter where you are in your health  and fitness journey, New Horizon has a package that’s just right for you.

Personal Training Packages


Whether you’re brand new to Personal Training, and wanting to try before you commit longer-term, or simply in need of a kick start, the New Start program will set you on the right path in just 4 weeks.


If you’re looking to feel better and make some big changes to your energy levels and body composition, you can choose between 8, 16 or 24 1:1 sessions to be used over an 8 week period.


Ready to commit and make some serious, long-term changes? Loosen up, lose weight, get lively – and start feeling better than you ever have!

Use 32 sessions over a 16-week period.

What’s included?

Our Add On Programs

Shape Shifter Program

Ready to shift your shape into something that feels good and looks great?

This 28-day at-home nutrition and exercise program is the perfect add-on to the NEW START PACKAGE, as it will get the healthy-eating ball rolling alongside your fitness training.

Transitioning To Health & Happiness

Too busy to get healthy?

Not with this program!

Achieve successful and permanent weight loss no matter how tight your schedule or budget is.

You will learn how easy it is to create a healthy lifestyle and stick with it for the rest of your life, even around family, work and social commitments.

Just a series of small changes over time that will have easy to maintain, permanent results.

Nutrition & Wellbeing For Life

This 16-week program is the perfect add-on to the NEW YOU package, especially for women who are facing the unchartered territory of menopause.

As a certified Menofitness Trainer, and experienced in all the delights menopause has to offer, I have an in-depth insight into how we can manage the effects menopause has on your health and fitness.

Don’t see anything here that suits you and your lifestyle?